English - Montreal salsa or salsa in Montreal

Hello English world!

"Translate in English - it does the job" and skip everything, just translate the webpage in English!


You got it! salsamontreal.com is a website all about salsa and a little bit more! It is mainly covering Montréal (in Canada) and also a lot around it! As you can see, it is mostly in French.

There are currently some sections that do not really need some translation, like for example, clubs and photos in the "sections" menu. "One picture is worth a thousand words." -Frederick Barnard, 1921.

...and I'll add "in any language" :) There is also the school section witch is Écoles/Où apprendre? up in the "sections" menu.

I don't really have the time to translate everything, so this micro section will have to do. You can use the translator link up here, as I say "it does the job". It's not perfect of course. By "don't have the time to translate everything", I really mean to translate 849 articles and news at the moment of this writting, witch is a lot!

I hope that you like the website and dance happy! :)

More about Canada here (in English)
More about Montréal here (in English)

Update 2008-12 : Why would I translate this website in English? First, to pratice; second, Canada is officially English and French; third, actually, the best would be if the site is multilangual, keep in touch for that in the future ;)

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