Funny Anecdotes

This is not from me, but was found on the internet....

Music with lyrics I don't understand

I don't know enough Spanish to understand what the songs are saying so I can listen to them while I drive. I had a Spanish girl in my car and she was a little shocked that I could listen to salsa in my car. She said that she can't listen to it because she understands everything. I asked her to clue me in. Apparantly the some of the songs are about bad relationships?

I had her listen to one. I can't remember the title of the music though. Roughly translated, it was about some guy that had a girlfriend, but the girl was cheating on him with another girl.

I hope to learn Spanish enough so that one day I'll understand the lyrics. Then I should be able to dance with more feeling knowing what the songs are about.


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re: Funny Anecdotes

The song sounds like every Bachata ever written! LOL