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The Monaco International Salsa Festival will take place for the second time from the 16th to the 18th of March, 2007 in the Principality, located on the French Riviera, nearby Italy.

This 3-days event includes 3 evenings with astounding artists, currently the best in their styles, with an exceptional concert of Mercadonegro and 2 days of workshops concerning any kind of existing styles and any level (Cuban style, Puerto Rican style, LA style, NY style, Mambo, Lady style, Spinning techniques, etc…) given by those exceptional artists which are also a unique chance to get in touch with among the best teachers you can get.

You can see on our website that almost all of the performers we have invited have agreed to come. Their show is an invitation to a cultural mix of display (afro-cuban, latin, hip-hop, acrobatics…). This and the living and intense emotions you can get during this event is part of the definition of the Monaco International Salsa Festival.

A Latin village will be set up inside the Centre de Congrés Auditorium Rainier III of Monaco. You’ll be able to shop around, with many exhibitors concerning the dance and the Latin culture (shoes, clothes, DVDs, CDs, events…) and you’ll also be able to grab something to eat or take a drink in between classes as we will propose sandwiches, tapas and beverages to fill the energy dropped during the classes! And this, just in front of the sea!

Please find encloses the Festival prices which include any choice you would like to have: from evening parties to workshops and the full pass which will enable you to get everything from this event (parties, shows, concert and workshops). Make your choice!

Until the 5th February 2007, you can get a preferential price at 150€ instead of 185€! So, don’t wait too much!

And if you are a group, we offer one full pass for ten bought full passes!


Exclusive Canadian sponsor : :The Jazzmen of Salsa

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